How to choose a digital camera?
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Welcome to the world of digital cameras!

One day I decided to buy a digital camera and here in front of me, got a hard problem, which occurs almost everyone: "What camera do I need and what it should be, and without which I could do very well ....". And then, inspired by the desire, I went shopping and started to dig into the network, and almost immediately realized that the choice is so large that is difficult to imagine ...

So, try to start over.

Type of camera

First and foremost, decide what size you need a compact camera or a full-size.

Each type of camera has its pros and cons. If you choose a compact, you'll get comfortable in the transport and possession of a model. It can be put in a pocket or even put into the purse. Battling also want to mention that the size has little effect on image quality, so in this case, the size is almost irrelevant. And if you choose a full-sized camera (the size of these cameras are comparable to the SLR models), you get a more functional, but less comfortable to wear and transport of the camera. While this statement is debatable, since the purchase of a full-size camera is more of a desire to feel closer to the professionals ... But just do not just brush aside for a full-size cameras, as they have high quality optics. They have no restrictions on the size of the camera and optics can be rented as a mirror to the models.