How to choose a digital camera? | Additional opportunities
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Additional opportunities

To them I attribute such pleasant things as recording audio and video. Video recording is at almost any modern camera, are the only exception of the very cheap models to $ 130 and not all. Video quality certainly leaves much to be desired, it is hardly bearable, even (in my opinion). And the video is limited only by your memory card, which is in the camera.

Audio recording, in my opinion, a trifle, but pleasant, as allows us to write a comment for each photo, and some cameras can be used as a voice recorder. An example is: "Pentax OPTIO S"

I would also like to say that the network adapter comes with a very rare camera, please do not confuse the battery charger with AC adapter. Network adapter can be bought separately, it can be useful if you often take pictures at home or on the premises into the socket.

So, in my opinion, all the major points that need to know when choosing a digital camera, I will describe. I hope I have not missed it. With all these tips, I was guided when choosing a digital camera. The title of her talk, I will not, because on this site want to avoid any publicity. If you think I forgot something, email me the address can be found on the site, and I have an additional comment to your article (if it is on).