How to choose a digital camera? | Memory cards and battery power
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Memory cards

Another very important factor when choosing a camera is, what memory card it uses. The market is currently very many types of memory cards, almost every firm has invented its memory card. Now I will list all types of memory cards, more about them you can read in the "Memory Cards"

  • Compact flash
  • XD - Picture Card
  • MMC (Multimedia Card)
  • SD (Secure Digital Card)
  • Memory Stick
  • mart Media Card

Battery Power

It is very important in the journey is the matter with the power of your camera, many companies produce cameras that use a (brand) battery. On the one hand it's good, because its capacity is much higher than that of conventional batteries, but there is hidden a huge caveat, if while walking you got the battery, then you will be able to charge him, only to come, home, or in a hotel where there is a power outlet. In contrast, if your camera uses a simple "finger" batteries size AA, then if they sat down while walking, they can buy you anywhere near the store, and this is important!

So you decide to buy or carry a spare battery or select a camera, which used conventional batteries.
I would also like to note, the more the LCD screen in your camera, the faster the batteries sit, as on the life of the power supply affects the flash and zoom.