How to choose a digital camera? | The matrix and the number of pixels
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The matrix and the number of pixels

Now we have to decide how many mega pixel camera you want. Magus is the number of pixels on the sensor pixels camera. The matrices in digital cameras are of 2 types:

  • CMOS - CMOS abbreviation stands for Complement Metal Oxide Semiconductor (complementary metal oxide semiconductor structure). Matrices of this type are used in either of the cheapest cameras, or in a very expensive digital SLR cameras (mostly Canon) issue with the noise it corrected by a very large matrix and improved production technology.
  • CCD - (Charge Coupled Device, or in Russian Charge Coupled Device) camera mounted in a matrix of small absolute size (chamber of the middle class)

Again resorting to personal experience, I can say that the more mega pixels the better, but still .... The number of mega pixels the camera only affects the maximum size of the image. For example, for a 5 mega pixel camera is 2560x1920, so it was easier to compare the standard screen resolution at which you view your pictures 1024x768 or worse 800x600. From this it appears that in order to properly view the images from the camera poluuchenye they have greatly reduced. Although did not reduce the increase and the quality is not lost. For this very reason that I chose for myself a camera on the 4 million pixels (mega pixels) with a maximum resolution of 2288h1712, but mostly shoot at 1600x1200, which allows more economical use of space on your memory card, but I'm getting ahead of myself ... In my opinion, for enough good shots 3.4 mega piseley. I say this from experience, because Many of my friends bought a 5 mega pixel camera and have never used them to complete. In this chapter I tried to explain that the pursuit of mega piselyami does not make sense. It always comes back to the optician, and I will tell you about it further.